Les ROCKETS - Private network

Les ROCKETS - Private network

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A. Maratrat, G. L'Her

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CD, LP, MC, 7", 12"

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My life is a video
As I can recall all the things I know
I've got visions I my eyes
Nobody blinds me
A picture never lie

And no place nowhere you can slide
I got your details recorded in my mind
And now I'll track you down
And honey I'm a spy
I'll keep on shooting
I'll get you on the sly

Private Network for me (*)
My world it's on TV
Private Network for me
Altered reality
Private Network for me
The real world, it's out of sync with me

I'm into watchin' all these TV shows
And never listen to the stereo
'Cause I need more of this visual dope

(*) repeat

My life it's on video
I can recall all the things I know
Visions, I've got them in my eyes
Yeah, they blind me and they lie

(*) repeat

(*) repeat